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Science 1001 presents clear and concise explanations of the maximum fundamental and captivating medical ideas. Distilled into 1001 chew-sized mini-essays arranged thematically, this specific reference e-book moves regularly from the fundamentals through to the maximum advanced of thoughts, making it the right guide for novices and technological know-how fans.

Whether used as a reachable reference, an casual self-take a look at path or truely as a pleasurable dip-in, this e-book offers - in a single quantity - a international of modern medical information for the general reader.

Science 1001 is a very complete guide, spanning all the key medical disciplines which include Physics, Chemistry, Biology, The Earth, Space, Health and Medicine, Social Science, Information Science , the Applied Sciences and Futurology.

From Newtons elemental laws of motion and the physics of black holes, through the essential particles of be counted, to the notable Human Genome Project and the debatable opportunities of cloning and gene remedy, Dr Paul Parsons demystifies the key concepts of technology inside the handiest language and answers its big questions: Will scientists discover a treatment for AIDS? How did the universe start? And can we overcome space? Concluding with an interesting glimpse of whats to return for science - from the possibility of time travel to the spectre of transhumanism - this certainly is the only science e-book youll ever want.

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